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Just another Saturday night in Rome

What does one do on a saturday evening in Rome if you are not tied to your desk writing for a blog, a dissertation, or grading papers? You might join us for a tour of the Palazzo Farnese, home of the French Embassy to Italy, because it was open to the public in honor of the International European Day of Culture, and see something like this:


And the, you might head over the the cathedral of Rome, San Giovanni in Laterano, to listen to the choir of the Church of Rome present the Divine Comedy of Dante, in concert. I wish there were a video to share. Maybe YouTube will get something soon…

Divina Comedia Concerto

And then end it with a late-night Tirolese dinner.

And if you missed it, at least there is a Church of Rome blog now, where you can find out about goings on here:


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