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CNS photo Easter Vigil 2018

Easter Vigil 2018 (Credit Catholic News Service)

Originally from the Seattle area and with nearly a decade of ministry experience there, I currently teach theology and religious studies for a pontifical seminary and various U.S. and U.K. study-abroad programs in Rome, specializing in ecclesiology, ecumenism, comparative religion and interreligious dialogue,  and the Church of Rome.

I moved to Rome in 2009 as a Russell Berrie Fellow in Interreligious Studies. After two years of full time study, I was asked to staff the John Paul II Center for Interreligious Dialogue and direct the Fellows and visiting faculty in Rome. While in that role I started my doctorate and began teaching, both in 2013. In the last seven years I have taught an average of four courses a semester at three different institutions, while slowly plugging away at the dissertation I meant to finish back in 2016. My record is nine courses, at four institutions, in one semester. I do not advise it.

In addition to teaching, and three years at the John Paul II Center, I have also worked on staff at The Catholic University of America Rome Program and the Lay Centre at Foyer Unitas, been a translator, and occasional academic guide in Rome for visiting university faculty, graduate students, and undergrad programs.

I have been a Fellow of the King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz International Center for Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue (Vienna), the Lay Centre at Foyer Unitas (Rome), and a visiting scholar or researcher at the Tantur Ecumenical Institute (Jerusalem), the Shalom Hartman Institute (Jerusalem), the Centre for Law and Religion at Cardiff University (Wales), and Aristotle University in Thessaloniki (Greece).

I am currently on the board of directors for the Boy Scouts of America Transatlantic Council, and previously on both the board of directors of the University of Notre Dame Alumni Association, and the pastoral council of Caravita Catholic Community in Rome.

[This blog, formerly named “Pro Unione”, does not represent the Centro Pro Unione in Rome, though naturally i am a fan. I actually picked the name of the blog before moving to Rome and encountering the center, but for the same reasons.]



  1. Jimmy Mac says:

    AJ – thanks for introducing my to your blogsite. I will haunt it from time to time.

    Have a good study year!

    Jim McCrea

  2. gayatri wedotami says:

    Dear A.J,

    Handsome blog, Handsome blogger,
    Handsome motto, Working for Christian Unity from the heart of Rome
    I am glad being a Christian-Shia, living for a few months in the heart of Rome with you.


  3. Danny Manyasi says:

    Hallo A. J.!
    Good to have found myself in your blog. Please kindly locate me a congregation or diocese that ‘stands’ late foreign priestly vocation.

    I am a 38 years old East African much interested in both Deaf and Blind apostolate.

    Merry x-mas and happy 2013!!!

  4. Theodore says:


    I appreciate your blog and the work (and studies) you are doing in the Eternal City. I’m looking into studying at the Angelicum myself. Please send me an e-mail when you get a chance to talk about studies there and life in Rome.

    God bless,


  5. Nate Bacon says:

    Hi AJ! Greetings from Guatemala! How are things these days with you? Would love to connect some time. Drop me a line!


    Deacon Nate Bacon

  6. Nancy Walton-House says:

    Hi AJ, it was great seeing you at St. James Cathedral Midnight Mass in Seattle this year. What a surprise and treat. I hope to hear more from you when time permits. Good fortune in your continuing studies. Nancy Walton-House

  7. A.J.: Feel free to use my teaching website since you are teaching a course with that title, with the condition that you contribute to its revision which I will undertake in November-=December 2014. Will be Trastevere late September through late October. Let’s connect on Linkedin, and maybe meet and chat in Rome.

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