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Lectio Coram or bust

Friends, my lectio coram – my comprehensive exams – have been scheduled for this Friday at 16.50 Rome time.

The thesis was submitted two weeks ago and is being evaluated, though as soon as i got the printed version back i even noticed a spelling error on the front page. The first word, no less. Still, after this weekend, i hope to have my License in hand and be on the final stage of the doctorate: all research and writing, all the time.

The thesis title was “The Diaconate in Ecumenical Context” and my major presentation for the lectio coram is on “Ecumenical Development on the theme of Apostolicity” followed by questions covering the whole range of my studies here. Prayers are appreciated!

Then, i hope, i will be back to my normal volume of posts: this is going to be an exciting year!


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