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Assisi in August

Though I usually try to spend the night, a visiting friend and I made a day trip to Assisi. I have been there in all seasons but the height of summer, until now. By now, I have reported on all the major sites, and mentioned before my favorite little church, essentially untouched in its 900 year history, Santo Stefano.

The diocese is currently planning the church’s (purportedly) first-ever renovation, but it was not clear what that would entail. Hopefully, nothing baroque!

As we approached, we saw a small sign inviting us into the adjacent monastery garden for rest and refreshment. On entering we found a small group of pilgrims from northern Germany who were in town with a total of about 20 from their parish, including the pastor, who were spending a few weeks in Assisi offering this simple hospitality ministry in shifts. Shade, water, and greenery with a view was a most welcome respite in the heat of the day (though much cooler than Rome, at 30C/85F it was still hot!).

Apparently this is the second year of these groups coming to live a few weeks in Assisi and offer the ministry to pilgrims and tourists. I wonder if they take Americans?


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