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Lay Centre Online

The Lay Centre is expanding its web-presence, on the occasion of its 25th year. Part of the reason for my relative dearth of posts in the last weeks is that I have been preparing some for publication on the official site, which can be found here: They will be appearing as soon as we upload the relevant pictures!

While I will continue to include some reflections on Lay Centre events here on my own personal blog – along with what I hope to be an increasing share of time on theological, pastoral, and ecumenical entries – this new blog will serve as the official venue for “what’s going on in the life of the Lay Centre” and will be a joint project of various contributors, including Donna, Robert, and myself on a regular basis.

You may note the new look and feel of the Lay Centre website, and other additions, including a new forum for students, alumni, and friends to share messages and information. You will also find links to news and events, even a Vatican Radio feature on the Lay Centre (including a brief interview with yours truly). There is now also a Lay Centre Facebook page. Friends and alumni are invited to join us there, if you are a denizen of the social network.


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  1. A.J. Boyd says:

    “If it is not online, it does not exist” is a tagline of my generation. Therefore, in honor of its 25th anniversary, the Lay Centre now exists – in the form of a Wikipedia entry:

    Persons more knowledgable than I of the Lay Centre’s history and alumni are invited to contribute to the entry.

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