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Vatican Radio: Rome’s Lay Centre Inaugurates New Location

From Vatican Radio, a brief teaser about the dedication of the Lay Centre at its new site. Click here to listen (you will need RealPlayer it seems):

Rome’s Lay Centre or ‘Foyer Unitas’ as it’s also known [sic] is officially inaugurating its new premises close to the Colosseum today.

Founded nearly a quarter of a century ago to provide hospitality with an emphasis on ecumenical and interfaith dialogue, the centre currently hosts students from many different countries and from diverse Christian, Muslim and Jewish traditions.

It also runs a packed programme of lectures and courses on church history, spirituality and dialogue.

The co-founder and director of the Centre is Dr Donna Orsuto, a professor at Rome’s Gregorian University and former consulter with the Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue.

She spoke with Philippa Hitchen about the centre’s work and its new location…


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