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21st century tech in a 16th century university

I am actually now online at the Angelicum. Interestingly, the wireless is open and unencrypted, but you have to meet with one Father Stancotti, OP to get him to enter the secret code to allow your connection to the local network actually reach out to the internet. (It seems we are each assigned a specific IP address that he has to activate from his quarters, or some such). I finally tracked him down this afternoon when a seminar i thought about taking was either cancelled or mysteriously moved without notice.

Anyway, i have mentioned to some that as of last tuesday, i was no longer able to download emails to my outlook client (prior to that, at the Lay Centre once the wireless was up, i had no problem). Sending has been no problem, but recieving has been limited to the webclient, which has been very sketchy.

So, it should be no surprise whatsoever, that for the last 30 minutes my computer has been downloading hundreds of emails dating back to 12 October 2008. Coincidence that my last successfully recieved emails were 12 October 2009? I think not! It means something, I just don’t know what. Any Microsofties out there have an idea?

All those emails that i lost when my laptop crashed in January? They’re all coming back. It remains to be seen if i get those sent in the last week and a half, but at the rate things are going (I’m at 1360 emails and counting, only up to December 20, 2008) I’ll find out in about an hour!


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