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Biker Rally for il Papa

I do not have any good photos of this, but then any really good ones would have to have been taken from the papal apartments…. besides, it was the sound and sensation that made the moment rather than the visual.

On our first Sunday in Rome, just after the Papal Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica, we decided to wait in the piazza for His Holiness’ weekly Angelus address, which he offers at noon any Sunday he’s in Rome, from the window of the papal apartments. The usual assortment of Romans, a couple groups of pilgrims, and tourists were there. What was a little less usual was that about 1/4 of the piazza was filled with bikers – and not just the little Roman motorini that zip through traffic at 50cc’s or whatever, though there were plenty – but honest-to-goodness motorcycles. After offering greeting and blessings to pilgrims and tourists in about eight languages, Benedict offered a special word of welcome to the bikers. The response was a roar of engines that filled the piazza, and shook the dust off Bernini’s colonnade! Quite an experience! So to all those Harley fans out there (Zandyr, Lana, Chris, et al) remember: the Pope, he loves you too!


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